Migrating from the JSP-Loginapp to the Loginapp REST UI

This article contains information and links about the migration from the JSP- and Servlet-based JSP-Loginapp to the Angular- and REST-based Loginapp REST UI.

The JSP-Loginapp has been deprecated and will be removed in IAM 8.0. Its successor, the Loginapp REST UI is more powerful and more flexible but conceptually different. Therefore, an automatic migration is not possible.

See also: JSP-Loginapp Deprecation Announcement.

Am I affected?

All IAM deployments that use the JSP-Loginapp, i.e. the JSP-based web front-end for end-users are affected.

If you are unsure, go through the following list. If either of the statements is true for your deployment, it uses the JSP-Loginapp and must be migrated.

  • End-users login with IAM using the web browser and the login page URL ends with /login (as in https://virtinc.com/auth/login).
  • In the configuration (IAM 7.4 or later), the top-level Loginapp node contains Authentication Settings but does not contain Authentication Flows. If both are present, you may be using either or both Loginapp variants.