Microgateway CNI

The Microgateway CNI DaemonSet should be installed in the kube-system Namespace. This should be done using our CNI Helm chart. See Installation related articles for environment-depending installation.

The CNI Helm chart also installs a ServiceAccount with the ClusterRole, ClusterRoleBinding and a ConfigMap. Additionally, it can install Role and RoleBinding used for SCC and a NetworkAttachmentDefinition needed in OpenShift.

After the installation, the airlock-microgateway-cni DaemonSet is installed in the kube-system Namespace and will deploy one Microgateway CNI plugin to every Node. Once a Microgateway CNI plugin is installed on a Node, it handles the network configuration inside containers with Microgateway Engine Pods every time an Engine is created.

Customizing the installation

The default installation values like the image registry and image name can be looked up and modified to your needs in the values.yaml file of the CNI Helm chart. For detailed information about the default configuration values and their meanings, see the explanations in the values.yaml file.

  • Ensure that the replaced Airlock Microgateway images are always specified in the Kubernetes manifest files with a tag and a digest.