Airlock Microgateway API and OperatorConfig reference

The Airlock Microgateway API documentation is a self-contained code-generated HTML documentation with an integrated search and navigation column.
Click on the link to open the reference documentation in a new browser tab or window:
Airlock Microgateway API reference documentation.

Airlock Microgateway API reference

Navigation using the hamburger button

The Button - hamburger menu button appears when selecting a topic, e.g. DenyRules, in the left navigation menu. Use it to open the corresponding table of content (TOC).

The TOC is especially useful for orientation on larger content pages, as the content is logically sorted, e.g.:



Airlock Microgateway API reference TOC

Custom Resource usage

The API Reference documentation is enriched with Custom Resource code snippets.

  • Minimal usage is a convenient starting point for creating Custom Resources.
  • MGW API reference - minimal code example
  • Default illustrates the default settings within the Custom Resource if the setting is absent.
  • MGW API reference - default code example

Hidden details

Detailed lists, such as the list of all standard allow headers, are displayed collapsed until you click on Show details (see example screenshot).

Airlock Microgateway API - show details button

You can search the collapsed information using the browser page search functionality CTRL+f.