Envoy Admininistration interface

The Microgateway Engine is built on the basis of the Envoy proxy and enriched with Airlock-specific features. When analyzing complex problems, it can be helpful to have more insight and check the current configuration, print the memory usage and list the server information or other information. The above and other information is accessible through the Envoy management interface.

To access the Administration interface, setup a port forwarding with kubectl port-forward:

kubectl port-forward <POD_NAME> 19000:19000
  • While keeping the port forward tunnel open, the Envoy Admininistration interface is accessible via http://localhost:19000/.
  • The currently active configuration is accessible under http://localhost:19000/config_dump.

Besides the configuration, there are also other things to query. For further information consult the Envoy documentation (Envoy) - Administration interface.