Getting started – installation and follow-ups

This guide will help you to set up and configure Airlock Microgateway.

Start with Airlock Microgateway

  1. Follow these steps to get started with Airlock Microgateway:
  2. Discover our online labs to get to know Airlock Microgateway in a preconfigured cloud-based Kubernetes environment.

  3. About releases
    Check the release notes for new functionalities and changes.
  4. Requirements and limitations
    Ensure that the requirements are met.
  5. Container image repositories and registries
    Ensure you have access to the image registry.
  6. Installation
    Follow the installation guide.
  7. Request a license
    A valid Community or Premium license is required.

Follow up

  1. What's next:
  2. System architecture
    Understand the architecture and where Airlock Microgateway is best suited to provide web application and API protection.
  3. Configuration
    Get familiar with the configuration concepts and the required configuration resources.
  4. Troubleshooting and support
    Check these guides if troubleshooting and advanced problem-solving is required.