To use Airlock Microgateway in your Kubernetes cluster with Cilium, follow this guide to deploy the Airlock Microgateway Operator and its resources.


  • To use Airlock Microgateway, a valid license is required. Airlock Microgateway is available in a Premium and a free Community edition. To request and configure/change a license, see the article Licensing and license-dependent behavior.
  • Cilium has been deployed as described in their documentation (Cilium) Documentation.

Deploy Airlock Microgateway

  1. Depending on which Kubernetes distribution you are using, complete the instructions in the corresponding installation guide:
  2. Create the Cilium CNI configuration for CNI chaining based on the following cilium-cni-cm.yaml template.
  3. copy
    apiVersion: v1 
    kind: ConfigMap 
      name: cni-configuration 
      namespace: kube-system 
      cni-config: |- 
          "cniVersion": "0.3.1", 
          "name": "cilium", 
          "plugins": [ 
              "cniVersion": "0.3.1", 
              "enable-debug": false, 
              "log-file": "/var/run/cilium/cilium-cni.log", 
              "name": "cilium", 
              "type": "cilium-cni" 
              "debug": false, 
              "kubernetes": { 
                "excludeNamespaces": [ 
                "kubeconfig": "/etc/cni/net.d/airlock-microgateway-cni-kubeconfig" 
              "logFilePath": "/var/log/airlock-microgateway-cni.log", 
              "type": "airlock-microgateway-cni" 
  4. Apply the changes.
  5. copy
    kubectl apply -f cilium-cni-cm.yaml
  6. Configure Cilium to use the CNI configuration. Perform helm upgrade with the following flags
  7. copy
    --set cni.customConf=true --set cni.configMap=cni-configuration --reuse-values
  8. Test Cilium. Use the Cilium cli tool to verify connectivity.
  9. copy
    cilium connectivity test
  10. Cilium CNI forwards the traffic and is visible in Hubble and Airlock Microgateway should be up and running.