CR Telemetry

An optional Telemetry CR can be created to configure different telemetry aspects for access log or log correlation.

This CR needs to be referenced in the CR SidecarGateway.

Access log

The CR Telemetry can be used to customize the default log format of Airlock Microgateway.

  • Use cases for a custom log format:
  • To reduce the log volume.
  • To include additional log information such as request cookies, request headers, ...
  • To reorganize the format to simplify the correlation with logs of other infrastructure components.

The CR Telemetry reference documentation contains the default access log configuration and an example configuration. The default configuration can be used as a starting point for customization.

The access log format can be configured in the Envoy format dictionary style. Both command operators, standard Envoy command operators and Airlock Microgateway custom command operators, may be used in the configuration.

Remember that documented examples, dashboards, explanations, or alike always refer to our default log format.

Log correlation

The behavior of Airlock Microgateway Engine when receiving an x-request-id header can be configured with the keys allowDownstreamRequestID and alterRequestID under the setting correlation.request. These two settings allow configuring the booleans explained in Envoy UUID request id configuration.