Getting Started

This guide helps to get started quickly with deploying Microgateway.

Start with Microgateway

Follow these steps to get started with Microgateway:

  1. Docker Hub repository
    Ensure you have access to our Docker Hub repositories.
  2. Deploy a minimal setup
    Deploy a minimal setup in Kubernetes or Openshift with the tool of your choice.

Follow up

What's next:

  1. System architecture
    Understand the pros and cons of different architectures.
  2. Basic concepts
    Get familiar with the basic concepts of Airlock Microgateway.
  3. Configuration
    Understand how Airlock Microgateway is configured.
  4. Guides
    Follow the different guides to implement your use case.
  5. Tutorials
    Go through the tutorials we made available learn how to use Airlock Microgateway in self-study.
  6. Examples
    Have a look at our examples for a better understanding of how to use our solution.