Airlock Minikube example

We are maintaining the example Airlock Minikube Example setup on GitHub, showing various aspects of Airlock Microgateway deployments. The example comes with its own README file and step-by-step instructions to get it up and running quickly.


  • The example covers:
  • Mounting the license and required secrets.
  • Retrieving Airlock Microgateway and Airlock IAM images from Docker Hub.
  • Deploying Microgateways along with their protected services with the GitOps tool ArgoCD.
  • Integration of Airlock IAM for up-stream authentication and SSO.
  • Synchronizing separate Microgateways using a Redis database (for accessing Kibana or Grafana).
  • Synchronizing separate Microgateways using a JWT access token (for accessing the echo service).
  • Collecting Microgateway logs using fluentd.
  • Visualization of Prometheus metrics in Grafana.
  • Storing logs in a central Elasticsearch database.
  • Using Kibana as a central reporting system.


The screenshots give an impression of the example project itself.

After sign-in, a echo server, Kibana and Grafana is accessible.



Airlock Microgateway enforces up-stream authentication and redirects the user to the login page of Airlock IAM.

Grafana visualize the metrcis provided by Airlock Microgateway.



Kibana with the Airlock Reporting bundle allows easy investigation.

Pre-defined saved searches simplify analysis.

Pre-defined reports provide a quick overview.


Echo server

The echo server can be used to simply reflect the received HTTP request.

An example of a request which has been allowed by Airlock Microgateway

An example of a request which has been blocked by Airlock Microgateway