Airlock Microgateway Changelog 3.2

Airlock Microgateway 3.2.3

SEC: AM-1959 Update base image, Spring Boot to 2.7.6, Spring Security to 5.8.0
SEC: AM-1958 Update Apache commons-text to 1.10.0 

Airlock Microgateway 3.2.2

SEC: AM-1882 Update base image, Snakeyaml to 1.32, Spring Boot to 2.7.4, Spring Security to 5.7.3

Airlock Microgateway 3.2.1

SEC: AM-1727: Update base image and statsd exporter

Airlock Microgateway 3.2.0

SEC: AM-1521  Update base image and Java
UPD: AM-1444  Update of request and response header allow and deny list 
FIX: AP-31691 Improve deny rules: update keywords, fix false positives, address  
              insights from bug bounty program