Status code 413
KB - Max body size causes status code 413

Affects product

  • Microgateway
  • Ingress

Question or problem

Uploading of files larger than 1 MB is not possible and a 413 status code is shown in the client.

Status code 413 is displayed when uploading files larger than 1MB


The client is uploading a file larger than 1MB to a service protected by Airlock Microgateway. An error page is shown with a status code 413. Airlock Microgateway does not write a log entry about this request.


The Kubernetes ingress controller rejects requests with body content larger than 1 MB and replies with a 413 status code Since the request never made it to Airlock Microgateway, no messages for these requests are found in the Microgateway logs.


  • 1.
    Follow the Kubernetes ingress controller documentation about custom-max-body-size and allow bigger body content sizes.
  • The file can be successfully uploaded to the back-end service protected by Airlock Microgateway.
  • Airlock Microgateway writes log messages about the requests passed to the back-end service.

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