Configbuilder errors
KB - Configbuilder errors during startup

Affects product

  • Microgateway

Question or problem

The following errors result in an error log message and prevent the container from starting up.

  • General errors
  • an external file is explicitly referenced but not found
  • Errors in config.yaml
  • the config.yaml file is not a valid YAML file or does not exist
  • invalid attributes are used
  • invalid values are used
  • structure mismatch, e.g., providing a single value when a list is expected

Explicitly referenced files not found

  • Instruction
  • 1.
    Check the path of the corresponding DSL attribute with the suffix _file.
  • 2.
    Check if the file is available in the configbuilder container.
  • 3.
    Either correct the path in config.yaml or mount the file accordingly.
  • The configbuilder can access the files configured with the DSL attributes _file.

The config.yaml is invalid or does not exist

  • Instruction
  • 1.
    Check if the configuration file is available in the configbuilder container at /config/config.yaml.
  • 2.
    Check that the DSL attributes are used correctly.
    • Correct attribute name
    • Correct attribute value
    • Correct attribute type

    Use the (Microgateway) DSL reference to accomplish this task. The referenced examples might help as well.

  • 3.
    Check with a YAML syntax checker, whether it is valid YAML.
  • The Configbuilder can successfully read and interpret the config.yaml file.