How information is structured in this manual

Although we have linked information between different types of information and chapters below, using the search functionality of the online help manual is the fastest way to find all occurrences linked to the information you are looking up.

Information sorting in this manual

Information type

Content/targeted information

Main chapters

General information

  • Information about this documentation and how to use it most efficiently
  • Introductory product information

Preparational content

  • Release notes
  • Introductory content
  • Best practices
  • Installation and upgrade information

Installation, configuration, and operation

  • Installation and upgrade information
  • Initial configuration and operation

Configuration management

  • Generic information about configuration and configuration management

Conceptually sorted content

  • Authentication types with usage and administration information
  • Self-services
  • Securing techniques
  • Access control
  • IAM flow concept explained

Technical modules

  • Technical, REST API, and configuration details organized along with the IAM modules (Loginapp, Adminapp, …).

REST API interface

  • Quick access to the REST API specifications.

Customization and extensions

  • Customization and localization of the user interface


  • Third-party licenses