Adminapp log viewer

The IAM Adminapp contains a log viewer that can display logs written by the different IAM modules.

Adminapp - menu Logs, Loginapp logs

The log viewer displays the log information read from the files referenced in the log viewer configuration. These are usually the files written by the corresponding IAM instance. The log viewer does not consolidate log statements from multiple IAM instances.

To see the log viewer in the Adminapp, the logged-in user must have the corresponding access right. See Adminapp >> Access Control in the Config Editor.


  1. In the Config Editor, go to:
    Adminapp >> Log Viewer
  2. For property Logfiles, configure the application log files that can be displayed in the Log Viewer.
    • Configure property Filter Patterns for each application log file. This allows choosing a Predefined filter in the Log Viewer for the different types of log messages, i.e., Warnings or Exceptions.
  3. The default color scheme for log messages is black and white. Set property Color Scheme to highlight the different types of log messages in different colors, e.g., Warnings in red.
  4. In IAM versions before 8.0, it was possible to configure arbitrary colors. The set of available colors has been restricted in IAM 8.0 to allow using a strict CSP (content security policy).

    Coloring roles defined in IAM 7.7 (or older) may be reset to black and white when migrating to IAM 8.x. The rules, including their patterns, still remain. You may need to reconfigure the colors.

  5. Set property Initially Selected Log File as the initial log file-view in the Log Viewer after each login into the Adminapp.

Color scheme in the Adminapp log viewer

Log messages are displayed in black (foreground) and white (background) by default. The color scheme configuration allows using different colors depending on the contents of the log statement.


In the screenshot above, the log messages about the successful login of user jdoe is rendered in green. The color is based on a coloring role matching all log messages containing the string successfully authenticated by... (part of the demo configuration template).

  • Colors may be chosen to match:
  • Foreground color
  • Background color
  • Foreground color for metadata (log level, session id, and alike).

The available colors are limited to the list of selectable colors in the Config Editor under Adminapp >> Log Viewer >> Color Scheme >> [plugin name].


Color scheme modification for Log Viewer