Additional attributes in REST responses

In addition to the method-specific response data, the Loginapp REST API provides additional attributes in many REST responses. What information is provided depends on the state of the flow engine as indicated by the nextStep code returned in the response.

Example: The REST response in an mTAN verification step used in an authentication flow returns:

  • nextAuthStep: MTAN_OTP_REQUIRED
  • phoneNumber where the OTP was sent to as an additional attribute.

The full list of additional attributes is documented in the Loginapp REST API Reference. It lists for each nextStep code all the additional attributes provided in the response. For each type of REST API a separate table with information about additional attributes has been added to the REST API documentation.

Using additional attributes in translations

  • The Loginapp UI allows using additional attributes in all translations.
  • To use an additional attribute in a translation, it can be embedded with double curly braces.
  • Structured additional attributes must use a dot notation to reference the attribute.

Example: latestAuthentication is an additional attribute returned after a successful identity-providing step. The object has the following structure:

latestAuthentication: {
    attemptAt: '..',
    successful: true

To use the attemptAt value in a translation, it is embedded as follows:

"Some text with placeholder {{latestAuthentication.attemptAt}} can be used."

Formatting additional attributes

Additional attributes are displayed as the REST API provides them.

The only exceptions are additional attributes of type date. The Loginapp UI formats all dates for the locale and timezone of the browser.

Missing values in additional attributes

  • The Loginapp UI shows the following behavior when values of additional attributes are missing:
  • If all values are missing the Loginapp UI displays all placeholders.
  • If only some values are missing, the Loginapp UI replaces all values that are available and it omits all other placeholders where no values have been supplied.