Email OTP authentication

In email authentication, a one-time password (OTP, also referred to as token code) is sent to the user's email address. The code is then entered into an input field by the user.

Authentication with email OTP can be used as the second step in an authentication scheme.

Note that there are other use cases in Airlock IAM where OTPs are sent via email.

  • Examples:
  • Channel verification in self-registration
  • Channel verification in the password reset self-service


  • The following requirements must be met in order to make use of email authentication:
  • Users must have an email address.
  • The user's email address must be known to Airlock IAM.

It is very important, that the email address of a user is authentic, i.e. it must be sure, that the email address really belongs to the person intended!

Airlock IAM offers self-services that help you to obtain authentic user email addresses with minimal administrative overhead using email verification self-services.