Password reset example: Using email links

  • The following example screen flow shows a variant of the password reset flow with the following properties:
  • An email with a link (rather than an OTP code) is sent to the user.
  • This example does not include a 2nd-factor approval step.
  • Note that the email link could also have been sent by the helpdesk or administrator.
  1. Start self-service on the login page:
  2. 63971859.png
  3. Enter username:
  4. UserIdentificationStep

  5. An email with a link is sent to the user and the following confirmation page is shown:
  6. SentEmailConfirmation
  7. After clicking on the link in the email, the password reset flow continues by asking the user to set the new password. Note that the following steps may be on a different session than the ones above.
  8. SetNewPasswordStep
  9. A confirmation page is shown:
  10. PasswordResetConfirmation