Airlock 2FA - lock user on fraud

The Airlock 2FA app supports the following behavior:

  • When receiving a push notification, the user can either approve or decline the authentication request in the Airlock 2FA app.
  • If the user declines the request, the app will ask Was it you that requested this action?
  • If the user chooses No at this point, the Airlock 2FA app reports this answer as fraud reported by user.

Airlock IAM can lock a user account in case the Airlock 2FA app reports fraud reported by the user.


  1. Go to:
    MAIN SETTINGS >> Authentication Settings >> Airlock 2FA Settings
  2. In section Advanced Settings, enable the Lock User On Fraud property.

Event notifications

When Lock User on Fraud is enabled, an event User Locked is generated and can be used by Event Subscribers.