Translation of scopes configuration


  • Scopes must already be configured.


  1. Server-side configuration of scope translations
  2. Go to:
    Loginapp >> OAuth 2.0/OIDC Authorization Servers >> {{AS-Id}} >> OAuth 2.0 Grants/OIDC Flows >> OAuth 2.0 Grants/OIDC Flows
  3. Go to:
    Section User Interface
  4. In the Scope Translator property create and edit an Oauth 2.0 Scope Translator plugin
  5. For each scope create and edit an OAuth 2.0 Scope Translation Entry
  6. In each entry set Scope Pattern and Translation Key
  7. Add the Translation Key with translations to all files.
  8. The AS is configured to map scopes to their translated values.
  1. Client-side configuration of scope translations
  2. Use the Loginapp Design Kit to add the required translations:
  3. Loginapp UI page

    Translation key

    Authentication OAuth 2.0 Consent


    Protected Self-Service OAuth 2.0 Session Management