Local consent configuration

OAuth 2.0 AS configuration

  1. Go to:
    Loginapp >> OAuth 2.0/OIDC Authorization Servers >> {{AS-Id}} >> OAuth 2.0 Grants/OIDC Flows >> OAuth 2.0 Grants/OIDC Flows
  2. Go to:
    OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant OR OIDC Authorization Code / Hybrid Flow
  3. Go to:
    Section User Interface
  4. Create an OAuth 2.0 Local Consent plugin.
  5. The AS is configured to provide scope information and expect user consent.

Authentication Flow configuration

  1. Go to:
    Loginapp >> Applications and Authentication >> a target application >> Authentication Flow
  2. Add an OAuth 2.0 Consent Step to the list of Steps
  3. The authentication flow contains an interactive step that allows the user to choose which requested scopes are to be granted.

Loginapp UI configuration

  1. Go to:
    Loginapp >> UI Settings >> Authentication UIs >> {{Flow UIs}}
  2. A flow UI for the target application is already configured. The default Loginapp UI contains the consent step.