Remember-Me token cleanup task configuration

The Remember-Me Token Cleanup Task deletes expired Remember-Me tokens from the database.

  1. To configure it:
  2. Go to:
    Service Container >> Services >> Task Scheduler Config
  3. Add a Task Schedule
  4. In the schedule use the Remember-Me Token Cleanup Task
  5. Make sure to use the same Remember-Me Settings as used in the Loginapp REST API.

Cleanup task settings


We recommend running this cleanup task on a regular basis i.e. daily and setting a proper batch size to avoid row locks. Cleanup may take some time and should be done at times with low traffic.

Task Schedule Settings

Supportive information


  • We recommend choosing 1d to run the task on a daily basis.

First Time

  • When left blank, the task will use the time of the first execution.
  • When set in hh:mm:ss the task will run based upon the given start time and the interval.


  • Choose a self-explanatory unique name here, that can easily be identified in the logs and the service console.

The main Remember-Me settings are described in Remember-Me settings and configuration for the Loginapp REST API.