Airlock 2FA letter generation task

Airlock 2FA activation letters are generated by the Airlock 2FA Activation Letter Task plugin in the task scheduler of the Service Container module.

  1. Go to:
    Service Container >> Services >> Task Scheduler Config >> Service
  2. If not yet present, add a schedule Task Schedule with Airlock 2FA Activation Letter Task. Configure the task as follow.
  3. Airlock 2FA Settings: Select the Airlock 2FA settings plugin (usually auto-selected from the MAIN SETTINGS).
  4. User Persister: Select the user persister (usually auto-selected from the MAIN SETTINGS).
  5. Renderer: configure a plugin to select the correct template for the activation letters. Allows for language-specific templates.
  6. Working Directory: contains intermediary data.
  7. Output Directory: contains the finished letters.
  8. Language Context Data Name: select the context data item that holds the language of the user.
  9. Enrollment Validity [s]: duration during which the letter is valid.