UI for account linking self-service configuration

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • The account link and unlink flows must have been configured.

Account Linking UI

Allow the user to manage the links of accounts with remote identity providers.

  1. Go to:
    Loginapp >> UI Settings >> Protected Self-Service UIs >> Account Link Management
  2. Create an Account Link Management UI plugin
  3. Go to:
    Account Link Management UI
  4. Flow to Link Account: Configure the ID of the flow to link accounts.
  5. Flow to Unlink Account: Configure the ID of the flow to unlink accounts.
  6. Page Exit Target: Configure a target for the button on the account link management page.
  7. An end-user is able to see, delete and initiate the creation of account links.

Social login buttons

Social login buttons will expose additional authentication methods on the first login page.

  1. Go to:
    Loginapp >> UI Settings >> Authentication UIs >> <UI of the default application>
  2. Go to:
    Section Basic Settings
  3. Create a Pasword Authentcation UI plugin in Customized Step UIs and configure it with the following options
  4. Configure the Step ID by selecting the ID of the Username Password Authentication Step that will display the account linking buttons.
  5. Optionally configure the User Self-Registration Link.
  6. Optionally configure the Public Self-Service Link.
  7. In the Additional Authentication Buttons optionally configure an Application ID for every Account Linking UI.
  8. The password page of the default application will show optional buttons for self-registration, password reset, and social login.