User representation: representee configuration in the Loginapp UI

This article shows how to configure the representee side of the user representation feature in the Loginapp UI.


  • The corresponding authentication flow(s) must be configured in the Loginapp REST API.


The following instructions must be followed for each affected authentication flow (authentication flows that accept representation SSO tickets).

  1. Go to:
  2. Loginapp >> UI Settings >> Authentication UIs

  3. If there is not yet a UI for the flow, add an Authentication & Authorization UI referencing the corresponding Target Application ID.
  4. Make sure the name of the parameter bearing the representation SSO ticket is in the list SSO Parameter Names (typically you have to add representation).
  5. To make sure, that the representer is sent back to the representer IAM when logging out, configure the On Logout property as follows:
    • Use plugin Redirect On Logout.
    • As target use the plugin Parameter-Based Target URI. Within it:
    • Default Target URI: plugin Login Page
    • Query Parameter URI Extractor: plugin Query Parameter URI Value Extraction with Location as the parameter name. If possible limit the allowed URIs by specifying one or more patterns.
  6. Activate the configuration.
  7. The representee side of the user representation feature is now configured in the Loginapp UI.