Event notification configuration in the Adminapp

Airlock IAM allows event notifications using email and SMS subscribers that can be configured in the Config Editor. This article contains two configuration examples based on the Demo Configuration template with preconfigured Event Settings plugins.

The Event Settings plugins for the Adminapp and Loginapp allow adding multiple event subscribers for E-mail, SMS and remote event notification. Event subscriber plugins can be configured for different events, such as lock reasons, device changes, log-in notifications, etc. See also article Event subscribers for more information.

Remote Event Subscriber plugins can be configured to execute HTTP request in order to forward event data to a remote endpoint.

Event subscriber example

The following example is based on an E-mail event subscriber. Other Event subscribers types can be configured accordingly.

  1. Go to:
    Adminapp >> Event Settings
  2. In property Event Subscribers, add and configure an Email Event Subscriber (Adminapp) plugin.
  3. See the plugin documentation for detailed information about the available properties.

  4. Create a plugin for the Event this subscriber should handle.
  5. Every event subscriber handles a particular type of Event and sends an e-mail to the mail recipient when triggered. Add and configure multiple event subscribers to cover different events if required.

When using the User Locked plugin for an event subscriber, a regular expression specifies for what lock reasons the event is handled.