Airlock 2FA order process and creating services

The order process does not cover the creation of the first service account. This will ensure that service account credentials are never accessible to unauthorized staff members.

Creating service accounts is delegated to whoever you choose to be the owner of your organization in Futurae's admin web interface.

The order process is roughly as follows:

Step 1:

Place an order at

This may include several steps until we have enough information to create your organization in Futurae's admin web interface.

You are asked to provide the email addresses of one or more owners of the organization.

Step 2:

Your organization is created in Futurae's admin web interface. An email is sent to the specified organization owners so they can register and later access the Futurae admin web interface.

Step 3:

The organization owners may now create services and other admins using the Futurae admin web interface.

Note that the organization's owners have access to all services' account credentials and must be chosen with great care.

See also Service accounts for further details.

The described process is based on the assumption that only the legitimate individual has access to the specified email address.

If you cannot guarantee this or if you prefer to use a different process to get access to the Futurae admin web interface, please specify this in the order ticket.

Creating a service account

  • Prerequisites
  • Your organization was created during the order process.
  • You are able to log in at and have the role owner for your organization.
  1. Open in a browser and log in.
  2. Choose the correct organization.
  3. Click on the New Service button and fill in the service details.
  4. Click on the collaborators icon (top right).
  5. For each user that should have access to the new service, click on the edit icon and assign the new service.
  6. The service has been created and may be used.

Make sure, that only legitimate individuals have access to the service credentials of productively used services.

Abuse of the service credentials may result in compromising the Airlock 2FA tokens of all users in the corresponding service.