Step 7 – Activate changes

To activate the changed configuration, click on the Activate icon in the toolbar:

  1. In the toolbar, click on the Activate icon:
  2. 63970214.png
  3. In the opening dialog, the configuration is validated. If the configuration is not valid, abort the activation by closing the dialog (press the Escape button on your keyboard or close the dialog window). Airlock IAM will continue running with the old (last valid) configuration.
  4. Enter a useful comment before saving the configuration.
  5. 63970215.png
  6. In section Deployment Status, click on the Go Live! icon. The activation may take some seconds and the deployment progress is shown.
  7. The new configuration is now activated and a summary of the deployment steps is displayed.
  8. 29722274.png

Deployment failure and Log data

If the deployment fails for one or more modules, some extra information will be shown under Deployment Status.


deployment status failed

More details can be looked up in the Airlock IAM Adminapp. Change to the Adminapp browser tab and select Logs in the left navigation column. This will display the latest log information, where any error logs will appear with a red background color.



You can use the search filters from the top area of the Logs viewer to narrow down the search results.