Step 6 – Create a new plugin configuration

Next, we show how to add a completely new configuration for a plugin by adding a new Password Generator plugin configuration.

  1. Go to:
    MAIN SETTINGS >> Password Settings
  2. In the section Main Settings on the preconfigured Password Generator, click the button to see the configuration details of the current Password Generator.
  3. 29722258.png
  4. Back on the Password Settings level in the navigation column, add a new Password Generator configuration by clicking on the icon.
  5. The Create new plugin configuration dialog appears.
  6. Configure the following:
  7. 29722260.png
  8. Adding a useful Identifier text, e.g. My Own Password Generator will help to remember and find your custom configuration if required.
  9. Click on "Create & Edit": this will create the new configuration and open its details for editing
  10. On the detail page, configure your custom password generator and add a useful comment. Note that generated passwords are checked against the policy we adapted previously.
  11. 29722263.png

    Click on the button to look up the property information on tab Docs at the bottom of the configuration column.

  12. Back on the Password Settings level in the navigation column, our newly configured Password Generator is selected.
  13. My Own Password Generator