Step 4 – Find the plugin to reconfigure

Before changing something in the configuration, you have to find the corresponding component in the configuration.

  • There are two ways to find a component:
  • Using the plugin tree
  • Using the search feature

Find password policy using the plugin tree

  1. In the left navigation column of the editor, make sure the view is set to Modules. If not, select Modules from the drop-down field on the top of the column.
  2. Open the tree elements to get to the desired plugin and click on it to open its details in the main frame.
  3. In our example, look for the Password Policy plugin under MAIN SETTINGS.
  4. 30803679.png

Find password policy using the search feature

If the number of plugins used grows with more complex configurations or if only part of the plugin or search term is known, it can be difficult to find a specific plugin. Here the search function at the bottom of the right configuration column is very helpful.

  1. On the tab Search:
  2. Enter the name of the plugin, the name of the property, or similar. Click the Search button to list the corresponding results.
    • Multiple search terms can be combined (e.g. search for "password policy").
    • Click on the Options button and select related search filters to narrow down the search results.
  3. In the result set, click on the desired plugin to see the details for the plugin.