Maintenance Message Locations

The concept of maintenance message Locations has been introduced to allow for a more flexible configuration of end-user UIs so as to display maintenance messages in different locations (e.g. bottom, top, right, left).

The idea is to provide a Location attribute with each maintenance message. When querying for the currently valid maintenance message, the client (IAM Loginapp or a 3rd party REST client) uses the corresponding location. Like this, multiple maintenance messages can be managed and queried independently.

  • The number of Locations is not limited.
  • Locations must be defined in:
    • Adminapp maintenance messages configuration: defines the set of available Locations on the maintenance message management page. Go to: Adminapp >> Maintenance Messages.
    • Loginapp REST API (Loginapp >> Maintenance Messages): defines the Locations accepted by the Loginapp REST API.
    • Loginapp UI (Loginapp >> UI Settings >> Authentication & Authorization UIs >> Non-Flow UI Settings >> Maintenance Message UI Settings) to define location filters used by the UI.