In order to use this new feature, the DB schema has to be extended and the configuration of the credential persisters adjusted accordingly.

DB schema changes

For each token where the feature is to be used, two extra fields are needed in the medusa_user table of the database:

  • the name of who ordered the new token: this is of type {varchar}} and should be equally long as the username (e.g. 100).
  • the date of when the new token was ordered: this is of type DATETIME (H2) or TIMESTAMP (oracle).

The naming of the fields should be similar the the "order new" flag. The default is pwd_order_user and pwd_order_date for a new password order, and similar for other token types (only the prefix changes, e.g. matrix instead of pwd).

Configuration changes

The configuration of the credential controllers need to know the name of the extra database fields:

  • for new password orders, the User Persister is extended by the two fields "Col Password Ordered User" and "Col Password Ordered Date".
  • for new matrix card orders, the Token List Persister is extended by the two fields "Col New List Ordered User" and "Col New List Ordered Date".
  • for other token types, the corresponding Credential Persister is extended by the two fields "Col Credential Ordered User" and "Col Credential Ordered Date".