Parameter replacement

Simple variables contained in the parameter map can be inserted directly using ${paramName} (which inserts the return value of their toString() method). If the parameter does not exist in the map, it is treated like an empty string, thus hiding the entire placeholder.


${myParam} or ${nonexistentParam}

There is one special parameter name always available:

  • ${Now} contains the current timestamp and can be used for both date and time display in the PDF. Since this represents a Date object, it can be formatted directly using MessageFormat, for example
  • ${Now,date,short} displays a short date using the user's locale; for example: 09.01.12

    Alternatively, a date format can be specified in a SimpleDateFormat compatible form, for example:

    ${Now,date,dd.MM.yyyy} resulting for example in: 09.01.2012

Depending on the Renderer used, there are other fixed parameters available (in addition to any context data values).

Word To Pdf Password Renderer:

  • The password as ${PlainPassword}

Word To Pdf Token List Renderer:

  • The tokens as ${T0}, ${T1}, ... up to the total number of tokens
  • The list generation Date as ${ListGenerationDate}
  • The total number of tokens on the list as ${NumberOfTokens}