Screen flow 4: Manage secret questions and verify answers by help desk

The administrator or help-desk user can manage secret questions:

  • See the status of secret questions (valid, blocked)
  • Delete answers
  • Unblock blocked answers (answers are blocked after too many wrong answers have been provided)
  • Adminapp - menu Users, tab Secret Questions

The administrator/help-desk employee may verify answers when Allow Admin Anser Check is enabled in the configuration in the Secret Questions Settings. This is, for example, useful to identify a user on the phone. 

  • Verify answers by administrator/help-desk employee:
  • Adminapp - menu Users, check answer

Risks of checking answers by the administrator or help-desk employee

Note that having answers checked by the administrator or help-desk employee bears the following risks:

  • The administrator learns the secret answers to questions.
  • Identification of users using secret questions is not secure.