Cronto activation letter generation

Cronto activation letters are generated by the Token Task plugin in the task scheduler of the service container module. The task uses the Cronto Report Strategy.

Please refer to the plugin documentation (in the Config Editor) of the Cronto Report Strategy for further details.

Especially note the Order Option properties: they allow to configure different tasks for different order and printing options. For example, there could be different tasks to handle online or offline printing, and a separate task to handle device orders from a fulfillment partner.

  • Required Order Options: specifies the required order options for this task. These must be options that are defined in the Cronto Handler plugin and that can be set when an admin configures a letter or that are automatically set when a user orders a letter in the migration process. Letter orders are only processed if all required options are also present among the letters' order options.
  • Excluding Order Options: if any of these order options are present for a letter, then the task will not be executed for this letter.