Digipass OTP tokens in Users management menu (Adminapp)

Within the Adminapp's user management, Digipass OTPĀ tokens can be assigned to and managed for users.

This page is about the Digipass OTP token management on user accounts.

To manage the Digipass OTP token "stock", i.e. user-independent token management, see Digipass OTP tokens in Tokens management menu (Adminapp).

  1. To enable Digipass OTP tokens in the user management, do the following:
  2. In the Config Editor go to Adminapp >> Users >> Authentication Tokens (Credentials)
  3. Add a Vasco OTP Token Controller to the list of token controllers and configure it as required.
    Refer to the documentation of the properties in the Config Editor for further information.
  4. The Users menu of the Adminapp now allows assigning Digipass OTP devices to user accounts.
  5. Follow up with Digipass OTP tokens in Tokens management menu (Adminapp).

Most of the steps above are already configured in the Airlock IAM demo configuration template.

If your configuration is based on the demo configuration, you usually only need to change the Vasco Handler from the dummy plugin to the Native Vasco Handler.