IAM Command-Line Interface (CLI)

The CLI is a command-line tool providing commands used to manage Airlock IAM instances. It is used for application-level configuration and setup tasks, such as initializing UI customization templates and upgrading configuration files.

Run "iam -h" to get usage and help information, or "iam <subcommand> -h" to get usage and help for a given subcommand:

Usage: iam [-hV]

Airlock IAM is a comprehensive authentication and identity management solution for web applications and services

  -h, --help      Show this help message and exit
  -V, --version   Print version information and exit

  run                 Runs Airlock IAM
  init                Initializes one or more new instances with 
                      a default configuration
  upgrade             Upgrades an instance or a plugin 
                      configuration file to the current IAM 
  reset               Reset the plugin configuration file 
  sensitive-values    Manages sensitive values for an instance
  run-task            Runs a given Service Container task
  info                Displays resolved parameters and general 
                      information about an instance
  status              Displays status information about an
  systemd             Creates systemd service files
  bash-install        Installs bash auto completion and 
                      environment for the CLI
  build-trust-store   Builds a trust store file containing 
                      trusted certificates
  default-parameters  Shows descriptions and default values for 
                      all available application parameters 
                      (instance.properties template)

Run 'iam COMMAND --help' for more information on a command.


  • Following the initial command iam, one subcommand can be specified.
  • Subcommands must be added without a dash -.
  • For example:

    iam init
  • Only a single subcommand per initial command is allowed. I.e. subcommands cannot be strung together.