Example - Send logs to syslog

The following example defines a new appender for all modules, which sends logs to syslog.

  1. Edit: instances/${instance.name}/log4j/all-modules.xml
  2. Add a Syslog appender definition (please refer to the SyslogAppender documentation) and reference it in a AppenderRef: log4j/all-modules.xml
  3. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Configuration name="Custom Log4j 2 Configuration for All IAM Modules">
    		<Syslog name="SYSLOG" facility="LOCAL1" host="" port="514" protocol="UDP" format="RFC5424" includeMDC="true" mdcId="mdc" newLine="true">
    			<ThresholdFilter level="INFO"/>
    		<Root level="${sys:iam.log.level}">
    			<AppenderRef ref="SYSLOG"/>
  4. Adapt the settings of the appender according to your needs (IP address, threshold, facility name).

The log4j configuration files are monitored for changes at a configurable interval (default 60s). No further action is required to activate the change.