Example - Logging to stdout only

General logging to stdout can be enabled with "iam.log.structured-stdout.enabled=true", see application logs table. The logging output can also be limited by excluding parts of the logging.

The following example shows how the writing of user trail log files can be disabled (=excluded) in the log4j/all-modules.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<Configuration name="Loginapp Log4j 2 Configuration"> 
		<Logger name="com.airlock.iam.log.audit"> 
			<!-- <AppenderRef ref="IAM-AUDIT"/> --> 
		<!-- Re-enable file-based user trail log by uncommenting this block 
		<Logger name="com.airlock.iam.log.usertrail"> 
		        <AppenderRef ref="IAM-USER-TRAIL"/> 
		<Root level="${sys:iam.log.level}"> 
			<!-- <AppenderRef ref="PARSABLE"/> --> 
  • Note the following:
  • Removing the "PARSABLE" appender means that the log viewer built into Adminapp will stop working.
  • User trail logging into the medusa-usertrail.log file is outdated. New Airlock IAM installations of 8.0 and later log into a database by default. This also applies to upgraded installations where the configuration migration was successful.