Example - Changing Loginapp log level without restarting (at runtime)

Log4j can periodically check configuration files for changes and automatically apply them. Since Airlock IAM 7.1, Log4j is configured with a "monitorInterval" of "60" by default. This means changes to Log4j configuration files can be made while IAM is running and will become active after a maximum of 60 seconds.

For example, to diagnose a problem, the log level on the line <Root level="${sys:iam.log.level}"> can be changed to "DEBUG":


<Root level="DEBUG">

To enable this feature for instances created before version 7.1, "monitorInterval" must be configured in the top-level <Configuration> tag.


<Configuration name="Loginapp Log4J 2 Configuration" monitorInterval="60">

Changing the log level in instance.properties  does not work without a restart. Log4j will only watch its configuration files.