Upgrade a single installation (standard case)

The following example describes the most common upgrade situation in which a single Airlock IAM has been installed and can be upgraded with a newer IAM version. We assume, that an instance name auth exists:

# As "root": Stop "auth" instance service
systemctl stop airlock-iam-auth

# Install new version, e.g. 8.2 ./airlock-iam-installer-8.2.sh

su - airlock

# Upgrade "auth" instance
iam upgrade -i "auth"

# Upgrade systemd service for instance "auth"
iam systemd -i "auth"

# As "root" (ctrl-d): Enable new systemd service pointing to the new IAM version
cp '/home/airlock/iam/instances/auth/airlock-iam-auth.service' '/etc/systemd/system/airlock-iam-auth.service'
chown root:root '/etc/systemd/system/airlock-iam-auth.service' && chmod 644 '/etc/systemd/system/airlock-iam-auth.service'
systemctl enable -f airlock-iam-auth

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl start airlock-iam-auth