Profile management

The Tech-Client profile section is used to display and manage the following Tech-Client attributes:

Adminapp - menu Tech Clients, tab Overview, Tech-Client Profile

The Tech-Client ID uniquely identifies the Tech-Client. It is generated by Airlock IAM when creating the Tech-Client and cannot be changed.

The Tech-Client ID is used in logging and reporting and is also sent to the Airlock Gateway for logging with the API requests.

It may be made available to protected APIs and must be used when manipulating Tech-Clients over the Adminapp REST API.


A typically human-readable name of the Tech-Client. This attribute is used so Tech-Clients can be found in the Tech-Client list. The name can also be used in logging or reporting.

It is recommended to choose a unique name for each Tech-Client.

The name can be changed at any time.


The label is a string value attribute of a Tech-Client. It is searchable and may be used to group Tech-Clients. For example, it could be used to store the name of an organization with multiple Tech-Clients.

The label is optional and can be changed at any time.


The description field can be used to store any type of unstructured information about the Tech-Client. The description is not considered in the Tech-Client search and can be changed at any time.

The Plans section

The Plans section shows the assigned plans and rate-limits. Click on the Manage button or open the Plans tab to manage plans of the Tech-Client.

Adminapp - menu Tech Clients, tab Overview, Plans

The State section

The State section shows the lock state of the Tech-Client.

Adminapp - menu Tech Clients, tab Overview, State

Tech-Clients may be locked and unlocked by clicking the corresponding button.

Requests from locked Tech-Clients are rejected.

There is also similar a lock mechanism on individual API keys.