Authentication REST API

The authentication flow API allows the configuration of arbitrary authentication flows which include authentication, token migration, authorization, and alike steps. It supports a variety of authentication schemes and tokens. 

The Loginapp REST authentication API is flow-based and provides separate flows for authentication and authorization.

Supported authentication methods:

Supported other concepts:

  • Password
  • Airlock 2FA
  • FIDO
  • OneSpan Cronto
  • Device Tokens for mobile apps
  • mTAN
  • Generic OTP
  • Email OTP
  • OneSpan OTP
  • Matrix cards
  • Front-side Kerberos
  • Token migration
  • Terms of services
  • Edit user profile data
  • Resolve target application URLs (locations) to application IDs
  • Secret question provisioning self-service
  • Step-up authentication
  • Temporary locking
  • OAuth/OIDC
  • SAML
  • Remember-me

Configuration entry-point

The main configuration entry point for the Flow Auth API is Loginapp >> Applications and Authentication