Configuration - REST authentication API

Procedure-related prerequisites

  • None.

The instructions provided for configuring authentication flows also apply to the configuration of authorization flows.

create authentication flow

  1. Go to:
    Loginapp >> Applications and Authentication
  2. Create or select a Target Application that will be protected by the REST authentication API.
    • Each target application has its own authentication and optional authorization flow.
    • The authorization flow is always performed after successful authentication.
  3. Create an authentication flow for this target application. This flow will determine how the user is authenticated.
  4. Optionally create an authorization flow for this target application. This flow will determine what the authenticated user is allowed to access.
  5. Authentication flow and optionally authorization flow are configured with errors.

configure authentication flow

  1. Go to:
    Target Application >> Authentication Flow
  2. Create a list of Steps
    • Flow configurations (authentication and authorization) define steps that are processed in order of their listing.
    • Steps can be interactive or non-interactive.
    • Steps contain and select sub-flows.
    • Note that authentication and authorization flows have different types of available step configurations.
  3. Optionally modify the default Processors
  4. Review the flows Security Settings: change user enumeration and temporary locking settings and enable displaying the number of remaining authentication attempts.
  5. Authentication flow is configured with a list of steps.

If the Loginapp UI is configured - see Loginapp >> UI Settings - a UI for every authentication flow and every step must be configured. If not, the configuration fails to validate and an error is shown. This is, for example, the case if a step is used for which no UI component is available in IAM.

Configure individual steps

  1. Configure the individual parameters of the step.
    • Skip Condition Tags - If all these tags are present, the step is skipped
    • Pre Condition Tags - The step is only executed if all these tags are present
    • Tags On Success - The step grants these tags if completed successfully
    • Step ID - A unique ID of this step is used for goto and the Loginapp UI.
  2. Optionally modify the default Processors
  3. Authentication flow is configured without errors.