Loginapp UI configuration for authentication and authorization flows

This chapter addresses the Loginapp UI configuration for authentication flows (see Loginapp REST API for flow configuration).

The plugin Authentication & Authorization UIs defines the UIs for one or more configured authentication flows.

See also the plugin documentation in the Config Editor for additional information – it may contain additional information, especially for properties not listed here. 



Target Application ID

References the target application, i.e. REST service configuration, that the UI configuration refers to.

Usually, this is the only property required. The UI is automatically inferred from the referenced authentication flow and its steps.

  • Tipps:
  • Ensure there is a UI configuration for the default target application.
  • Ensure there is a UI configuration for each authentication flow you intend to use the Loginapp UI for.

If no UI is configured for an authentication flow, a page not found (404) is shown.

Customized Step UIs

Used to configure UIs for custom authentication steps or to customize the built-in UIs for built-in steps.

Custom configuration for Password Authentication User Interface to add a custom self-registration link and/or a forgot password link on the login page. See the example screenshot below.

URLs to access a Loginapp UI form

Loginapp UIs are reached using the following URLs:




Starts the default authentication flow.


Starts the flow with the specified flow ID.


Starts the flow with the specified flow ID and uses the target application URI specified in the Location parameter for identity propagation.


The UI looks up the flow ID using the Application Selector configured in the target application configuration and then starts the flow for the (first) matching Location URL.

Loginapp UI login form example for a configured Loginapp REST API basic authentication flow:


The deprecated <loginapp-uri>/check-login URL still works with the Loginapp UI, to guarantee backwards compatibility with the old JSP-Loginapp. However, the <loginapp-uri>/check-login URL might be removed in a future release.