Push notification sender plugin

To use the Cronto push notification feature, the Cronto Handler plugin must be configured with the two flags Enable Online Validation and Enable Push Notifications enabled. Then, a Push Notification Sender plugin has to be configured. It contains the necessary settings to connect to the Google and Apple push servers.

General properties

The property Transaction Data Signing Notification Action Id must match the ID of the Secure Channel Transaction Signing action in the Digipass configuration (see the <TransactionDataSigningAction> element in the XML Example below).

The properties Connection Timeout, Max Number Of Threads, Termination Timeout can typically be left to default values, and should only be changed in case of specific problems.

Android properties

For sending push notifications to Android devices, the Firebase Service Account JSON must be configured, which can be downloaded from the Google Firebase Console (console.firebase.google.com) for the project: Project Settings (accessed via the cogwheel icon) > Service Accounts.

Projects using the legacy Goole Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) can instead configure the Android API Key. This key can also be found in the Google Firebase Console (console.firebase.google.com) for the project: Project Settings (accessed via the cogwheel icon) > Cloud Messaging.

FCM API Deprecation Warning

Google announced in June 2023 that the FCM APIs will stop working after June 2024. IAM installations still using the FCM APIs must be reconfigured to use the Firebase Service Account JSON before the end of June 2024.

Note that the used Android settings must correspond to the Google project number that is configured in the file input/conf/vasco-notifications-android.properties (key "notificationProjectNumber") when creating the Digipass for Mobile app.

iOS properties

For sending push notifications to Apple iOS devices, in the Push Notification Sender plugin the authentication certificate must be specified with the two properties iOS Authentication Certificate Path and iOS Authentication Certificate Password. This certificate can be obtained via the Apple developer account (developer.apple.com) by creating a certificate for Apple Push Notification service SSL.

For application development, the "sandbox" gateway must be used by enabling the corresponding property flag.

Clean-up task

In the Service container, a Cronto Challenge Token Clean Up Task should be configured to automatically delete expired online challenges that might be leftover from aborted authentications and transaction data signings. Running the task once per day should be sufficient.