Airlock 2FA as the second factor with IAM

Airlock 2FA is a strong authentication solution in Airlock IAM. It provides a ready-to-use mobile app and a comprehensive set of services and interfaces.

Main features

  • Strong and frictionless user authentication with a focus on usability and security.
  • Multiple authentication methods: One-Touch (Push), QR code (both online and offline), Usernameless QR code, Passcode (OTP), hardware tokens, mobile-only.
  • Transaction approval (online and offline).
  • Approval steps in self-services.
  • Token management self-service for end-users.
  • Very easy setup and full integration into Airlock IAM.
  • Integrated token management for admins and help desks.
  • Ready-to-use, customizable app and SDK for custom apps.

Typical applications

  • Strong user authentication via browser and mobile app as the second factor.
  • Strong authentication for mobile apps.
  • Transaction approval (e.g. confirm payments in digital banking).