Technical client in IAM and tech-clients REST API

This chapter explains the concept of technical clients and shows how to use the Adminapp REST API to manage them.

With the term technical client or tech-client we refer to REST API clients or other technical peers.

Examples are:

  • Mobile app using an interface (e.g. REST API) that is protected by Airlock
  • Server application using an interface (e.g. REST API) that is protected by Airlock
  • A TPP (third-party provider) in PSD2
  • An OAuth 2.0 client or OpenID Connect relying party

Airlock IAM provides the following services and features around Tech-clients:

  • Authentication (e.g. client certificate, OAuth 2.0)
  • Management (REST API)
  • Policy information point for access control with Airlock Gateway
  • Various API gateway features (planned)

Note that a tech-client (e.g. web-server application) may authenticate itself and at the same type represent an end-user that has been authenticated in a different way.


  • a web-server authenticates it-self to be able to use a REST API using a client certificate
  • the end-user using the web-server authenticates itself using username, password and a token