Self-services for end-users

Airlock IAM's Loginapp offers public and protected self-services for end-users. This chapter gives an overview of supported self-services and points to further information.

The idea behind self-services

  • Provide user-friendly services around the user account and authentication tokens.
  • Allow end-users to manage things when they want (no office hour restrictions).
  • Reduce costs for service desks.
  • Enable secure registration or activation of authentication tokens.

Self-service types

Airlock IAM groups self-services in two different types. This chapter is organized along with these types.



Publicly accessible self-services, i.e., self-services available for unauthenticated users.

Examples: Self-registration, password reset, unlock self-service.

Self-services that are accessible for authenticated users with sufficient access rights.

Examples: Token management, user profile self-service.

License Restrictions

In general, usage of the self-services requires the license bundle SELFSERVICE.

This applies to most self-services with some exceptions (e.g. password change, password reset, Airlock 2FA, Cronto).