Digipass OTP authentication (OneSpan)


Airlock IAM includes components for using Digipass OTP tokens from OneSpan (Vasco)for strong authentication. Digipass OTP tokens are hardware OTP generators that display a time-based 6-digit code.

  • Supported IAM features
  • Flow step plugin for authentication flows: Vasco OTP Authentication Step
  • Flow step plugins for public and protected self-services: Vasco OTP Public Self-Service Approval Step, Vasco OTP Self-Service Approval Step
  • Token management in the Adminapp

OneSpan and Vasco

In 2018, Vasco changed its name to OneSpan and most of its product names. The IAM documentation still uses the old product names. The products relevant to IAM are listed in the table below:

Vasco Product Name (before 2018)
Used in this documentation.

OneSpanProduct Name (since 2018)
Not used in the documentation

VACMAN Controller

Authentication Server Framework