Supported SMS providers

Some features - mainly MTAN authentication - require sending SMS messages via an SMS service. Airlock IAM provides a set of plugins implementing the SMS Gateway interface.

This page lists the corresponding plugins and also provides a list of services IAM is known to work with.

If your preferred SMS provider or service is missing, you can implement a custom SMS Gateway plugin. Please contact us ( if you need support or want Airlock to implement the plugin for you.

SMS gateway plugins

The following SMS Gateway plugins are provided by Airlock IAM (more plugins may have been added in the meantime - for a full list, please check in the Config Editor):



Known to work with*

Generic SMS Gateway Plugins

HTTP SMS Gateway

Generic plugin sending SMS messages by sending an HTTP GET or POST request to the SMS service.
The URL and parameters are configurable. Supports SSL and HTTP proxies.

Several SMS providers

Email SMS Gateway

Sends SMS messages by sending an email to an SMTP server.

Several SMS providers

SMPP SMS Gateway

Sends SMS messages via the SMSC SMPP v3.4 protocol.

UCP SMS Gateway

Sends SMS messages via the SMSC UCP protocol.

No more recommended. Use SMPP instead. It will be removed in future IAM versions

Kannel SMS Gateway

Sends SMS messages via the Kannel sendsms HTTP interface. Kannel is a rather old open-source SMS gateway connecting to lots of SMS providers.

Provider-specific SMS Gateway Plugins

Swissphone SMS Gateway

Send SMS messages via the Swissphone XML/HTTP interface.

ASP SMS Gateway

Sends SMS messages via the ASP SMS XML/HTTP interface.

Ecall SMS Gateway

Sends SMS messages via the eCall HTTP interface v1.

For eCall HTTP Interface v2, please use the "HTTP SMS Gateway". The necessary parameters are documented in the (v1) Ecall SMS Gateway plugin for reference.

True Senses SMS Gateway

Sends SMS messages via the Truesenses HTTP interface.

Swisscom SMS Gateway

Sends SMS messages via the Swisscom REST API. Does not support Flash SMS. Is limited to ISO-8859-1 characters.

Other SMS Gateway Plugins

Failover SMS Gateway

Allows to use multiple SMS Gateway plugins for failover: If sending with a first gateway fails, the next is selected.


Dummy SMS Gateway

Writes SMS messages to the log file. Useful for testing / demonstration.


(*) Known to work with

The column Known to work with lists SMS providers that are or have been productively used with the listed plugins. Airlock does not test all the providers with every release.